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Travel Grant FAQs

Who is eligible for the $500 Travel Award?

All enrolled MS-HCI students are eligible to apply. Students are eligible to receive one stipend per academic/fiscal year and, depending on demand, awards may be limited to 1-2 per faculty advisor per year.

What is expected of me?
  • Do several substantive posts on the MS-HCI facebook page during the conference.
  • Make sure your forms are completed and approved before you leave.
  • Turn in original receipts for up to $500 of expenses to Carolyn Daley-Foster ( You will receive email notification when the TES has been created on-line, and will be directed to a web site to confirm that the expenses are correct.
What are the limitations on Travel Stipends?
  • Each eligible student can receive one stipend per academic year.
  • Students who receive travel stipends are expected to post a short report on the MS-HCI facebook page during or immediately after the conference
  • Due to the limited supply of travel funding, we must balance demand to ensure that funds are awarded as equitably as possible.
Do I need a Travel Authority (TA)?

YES! All students, faculty, and staff traveling on official GT business are required to have a TA on file before departure.

What is the procedure for applying for a Travel Award?
  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Read GT's The Employee Travel Guide. You will be expected to know this information and adhere to it.
  3. Once the application has been approved you will receive an e-mail confirmation. This should be saved until after you have been reimbursed.
  4. Provide travel information to Carolyn Daley-Foster (, who will complete an online TA. You will receive an automatic email notification when it is completed, and will be directed to a web site to acknowledge it.
  5. You will receive email notification when the TA has been approved.
  6. Complete your Travel Expense Statement (TES) within 30 days of the last day of your travels. See "How long after traveling do I have to file a Travel Expense Statement (TES)?"
How long after traveling do I have to file a Travel Expense Statement (TES)?

The obvious answer is: the sooner you get the TES submitted, the sooner you will be reimbursed. That being said, a TES must be filed within 30 days after the completion of official GT travel/business, regardless of when you physically return to GA Tech. (For example, if you go the 97th Annual Conference on Widgets, Gismos and Really Neat Stuff in Bradenton, FL for 5 days and then hang out in Daytona for another week you are already 7 days into your time to process the TES. If you go to a conference and then directly to your summer internship without submitting a TES on the conference you will be ineligible to submit a TES when you return to GA Tech in the fall and ineligible to be reimbursed for your travel.)

I have heard I cannot receive a travel stipend for travel in June. Is that right?

Yes and no: if you are traveling in May or June you need to get your plans made (including any travel assistance from any source across campus) as far in advance as possible. Georgia Tech closes out the books in June and no new spending can be done in this month. If there are funds available you need to have them encumbered in your name before we enter this season of accounting closeout (i.e. get a TA done). The take home message here is plan ahead.

Is there a way I can receive travel funds in advance?

No. Travel funds are reimbursed after travel is completed.

Do I need original receipts for food?

Yes. A credit card slip is not enough, you need the actual restaurant receipt showing what you ordered.

Where can I find per diem rates for travel?

GA Tech uses per diem rates as established by the US General Services Administration. Use the 'M & IE Rate' (meals and incidental expenses). Your claimed expenses may not exceed these per diem rates; you can claim reimbursement for documented expenses up to the per diem rate.

How long will it take to be reimbursed? How will that happen?

Generally speaking, if you have not been reimbursed within 10 to 14 business days after you turned in your TES you should speak with the person you gave your TES to or to the staff accountant who processed the TES.

If you are employed by GT (GRA, GTA, etc.), you will receive an automatic deposit into your bank account just as you do for your regular paycheck.

Non-employees traveling on official GT business will receive a check via the person handling your reimbursement.

Can I also apply for a GVU Travel Grant?

No. You may not receive both grants.

Last modified: Feb. 8, 2023