MS-HCI Affiliated Labs

Research (along with innovation in computing education) is one of the primary ways our program redefines the human experience of computing.

Research takes our faculty and students on a path to study, invent, and integrate the computational capabilities and their interactions that empower people and machines to affect the world.

The MS-HCI program works closely with the GVU Center whose research agenda parallels our educational agenda. Most MS-HCI faculty are associated with the GVU.

Many faculty labs are briefly described on the GVU Labs page. They in turn link to more detailed lab descriptions and lists of current and recent lab projects. Project descriptions are also listed directly. Faculty members' lab descriptions can also generally be accessed via their home pages.

The GVU Center is just one of about a dozen GT Centers and Initiatives that involve HCI. All are listed on our Centers page. GT faculty are often associated with several Centers, and our students can and do reach out to and work with faculty beyond those who are currently part of GVU and MS-HCI.