Hire Our Students

Most of our students graduate in May, but some finish in August or December. They will be looking for full-time jobs that start shortly after graduation. In addition, all our students complete a summer internship between their first and second years, from mid-May to mid-August. Some students also work part time during the academic year.

Opportunities to meet our students

Each February the GVU presents Interactivity@GT, a full-day event. There is a “poster session” where students show off their work. Most students will have resumes available, with pointers to digital portfolios. The GVU Center also hosts several "demo day" events, one in the fall and another in the spring. Visit their events page for specifics.

How to contact our students

You can contact students directly via our students page, or you can email a job announcement to our Graduate Program Coordinator.

Last modified: Mar. 31, 2016