Cynthia Morneweck

The Home Depot
UX Manager
MS HCI '01

Cynthia is currently a UX Manager at The Home Depot. However, previously she was a Founder/Partner of New Notion, a consulting firm focused on partnering with companies in healthcare, education, and community outreach to help them bring their ideas to life. She provides leadership through facilitating effective collaboration between business, technology and user experience teams from product conceptualization to implementation.

Prior to New Notion, she was the co-founder and CXO of GPALearn, an educational startup aimed at empowering elementary children with Math skills to close the STEM gap. She was the Director of Operations for the UX practice for PointClear Solutions, a consulting firm in the healthcare vertical. She also worked for Northrup Grumman as a Lead UX practitioner on a CDC contract. Before that she worked for the CTO of Georgia Institute of Technology as a UX practitioner helping the main IT arm produce a more user-centered approach to building applications.

Even though her roles have changed over the years, her love of User Experience stays with her. She applies the core principles of the discipline (HCI) to all aspects of her life - "I can’t turn it off. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. I breath it. It has served me well."

Twitter: @NewnotionXP

Last modified: Dec. 26, 2018