Some students may require or choose to engage in part-time employment while being full-time students. We do not provide support to students as part of the Georgia Tech admission process. Nonetheless, several avenues exist for securing employment. Your likelihood of success is contingent on your background, skills, and perseverance. 

Many students find it challenging to secure funding in their first semester. Students tend to have greater success in securing part-time funding during their later semesters.

The monthly stipend for GTAs and GRAs varies from school to school. These stipends generally suffice to meet monthly living expenses. Additionally, Georgia Tech waives the base graduate tuition for funded students. It is important to note, however, that assistantships do not cover mandatory student fees or the differential tuition for the MS-HCI Program, which represents the variance between regular graduate tuition and professional tuition for MS-HCI (refer to the Office of the Bursar's website for details). 

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) 

GTAs help faculty members with their teaching responsibilities, working up to 15 hours/week to meet students, grade papers, help with class material, and occasionally helping with a lecture or two. Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) can result from doing well in courses. 

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) 

GRAs contribute to faculty labs by engaging in ongoing research projects. Tasks often involve designing, implementing, or testing user interfaces. By exploring the research interests of our MS-HCI faculty, students may find opportunities to be part of their work. Exceptional performance as a lab volunteer or in a directed study course can lead to GRAs. 

Off-Campus Part-time Employment 

Some students are able to secure part-time positions with companies or government agencies in the Atlanta area or working remotely.  

We strongly encourage students not to work full-time while enrolled in the Program, particularly in the first semester when the group project-based core courses must be taken concurrently. Further, Georgia Tech offers few courses in the evening.  

Student Loans 

U.S. citizens and permanent residents wishing to apply for federal and state education loans should contact the Office of Student Financial Planning and Services to obtain the necessary forms. Graduate Students applying for loans must complete the loan application process by April 15 of the prior academic year. Approved student loans will be dispersed to the Bursar's Office each semester prior to the registration deadline. After payment of tuition and fee balances, any remaining loan amount will then be charged to the student. Please direct questions to the Office of Financial Aid.