The Women in Tech Project

Karen Holtzblatt

Founder & CEO, InContext | Research Scientist, University of Maryland
Wednesday 2 November 2016
Reception: 6:30 pm - Talk: 7:15 pm
GTRI Conference Center - 250 14th Street| Atlanta, GA | 30318

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Karen Holtzblatt is CEO of InContext Design, thought leader, industry speaker, author and now Research Scientist at University of Maryland‘s iSchool. Karen is known in the UX world for developing Contextual Design and Contextual Inquiry, user-centered design techniques employed and taught by companies and universities world-wide. In recognition of her impact on the field, Karen was awarded ACM SIGCHI’s first Lifetime Award for Practice. Karen knows what it takes to be successful in the world of high tech and has proven her skills in persuading technology and business professionals to change how they approach user experience and product design.

Karen has now turned her focus to the challenges women face in high tech companies to uncover why they leave mid-career at a rate 30% higher than men. Her research and resulting Women in Tech (WIT) Work-Life Framework describe the core factors in the work environment women need to achieve success. The WIT project draws upon volunteers across the industry to help with the research and creation of intervention techniques.

Through field research with women currently working in multiple roles on product teams, managers, and those who have left tech jobs, the key factors affecting women’s work experience emerged. Using that data, a survey of over 200 people has validated those factors. The project is now gathering additional data, honing the survey into an instrument to measure the work environment, and developing intervention techniques.

Karen is currently talking to groups of technology women and men to share the insights and stimulate action. At this talk Karen will present an overview of the Work-Life Framework and then engage the group in a discussion. Bring your experience, questions, and ideas and become part of the change process!


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