Financial Support

Current tuition and fee information is available online on the Georgia Tech Bursar's website. Tuition and fees for the next academic year are established in late spring, typically May. There is often an increase from one year to the next.

Some of our students need, or prefer, to have part-time jobs while enrolled as full-time students. We cannot offer support to students as part of Georgia Tech admission. However, once you arrive here, there are several ways to find a job. Your chances of doing so depend of course on your background and skills. In the fall of 2013 we surveyed all of our full-time students, asking those who wanted jobs whether they had found one. We have 36 full-time first-year students, of which 18 want to work. Of these, 10 have jobs in their first semester here—five as a GRA or GTA, and five in other jobs. We have 28 full-time second-year students, of which 17 want to work. Of these, 15 have jobs—11 as a GRA or GTA, and four in other jobs. Students in their second year, or even in their second semester, have had more time to find a job.

Download this file to read more about the survey, and for a list of helpful hints from current students on how to find a part-time job.

GTA positions can result from doing well in courses; GRAs from superior work as a lab volunteer or in a directed study course. Other jobs result from the extensive networking opportunities within the Georgia Tech and Atlanta HCI communities, and from the job announcements frequently received by the program.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

GTAs help faculty members with their teaching responsibilities, working up to 15 hours a week to meet students, grade papers, help with class material, and perhaps helping with a lecture or two. The GTA monthly stipend is $870 a month for the 4.5 months of a semester. Georgia Tech tuition for GTAs is waived; students are required to pay all Georgia Tech Mandatory Student Fees, available on the Bursar's website.

Graduate Research Assistantships

GRAs work in faculty labs as part of on-going research projects. Typical activities are to design or implement or test user interfaces - including prototyping of computationally-enabled devices - or conducting experiments. Take a look at the interests of our MS-HCI faculty—whatever they are doing, you might be able to be part of. The GRA monthly stipend varies from school to school and with the number of hours a week (15 to 20). It is usually $1000 or more a month for the 4.5 months of a semester. Georgia Tech tuition for GRAs is waived; students are required to pay all Georgia Tech Mandatory Student Fees, available on the Bursar's website.

Off-Campus Part-time Employment

A number of our students find part-time work with companies or government agencies in the Atlanta area, typically working 20 hours a week while taking three regular courses. A number of start-up companies are located in Georiga Tech's incubator and on the periphery of campus. Half-time salaries can be several thousand dollars a month. A major corporation has a long-term agreement to hire a half-time intern for the two years of their studies; we are actively seeking additional such agreements. Participate in our employment opportunities, and see our industry connections for companies who have hired our students in the past.

Student Loans

U.S. citizens and permanent residents wishing to apply for federal and state education loans should contact the Office of Student Financial Planning and Services to obtain the necessary forms. Graduate Students applying for loans must complete the loan application process by April 15 of the prior academic year. Approved student loans will be dispersed to the Bursar's Office each semester prior to the registration deadline. After payment of tuition and fee balances, any remaining loan amount will then be charged to the student. Please direct questions to the Office of Financial Aid.

Last modified: Mar. 31, 2016